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Russell Westbrook: What Are You Doing?

We all know NBA players dislike when another player on an opposing team shoot the ball at their basket after a stoppage in play, but after seeing Russell Westbrook almost rip his knee apart trying to do so last night pretty much sums up what

Jeff Teague Crosses Up His Brother

Talk about sibling rivalry. Jeff Teague breaks his brother Marquis Teagues ankles in NBA action last night. Although he doesn’t finish the bucket off, you can best bet there will be some tension at the next family get together. Ice those ankles, Marquis.

LaMarcus Aldridge to Appear On Portland TV Comedy Show

Portland TrailBlazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge will be making an appearance on Portland based television series┬áPortlandia tonight. Oddly enough, it isn’t his first appearance on the hit show. The guys over at Deadspin have a sneak peak of what to expect from him tonight as

Can You Keep Up With LeBron?

The guys over at Powerade have put out a fantastic video on their Youtube channel featuring the feature basketball workout of none other than LeBron James. It’s a 57 minute long video, but has all the tips and workout secrets you need from the NBA