Doubts At All Time High for Rookie Andrew Wiggins

NBA rookie seasons are always hard.

The adjustments are endless from the pace of the NBA game, to playing a 82 game season, to just fitting into a locker room with the guys on the team.

However, for Andrew Wiggins it seems that this rookie off-season is the real test.

Wiggins went from being the first overall pick, to then being traded, or not yet officially traded, for Kevin Love.

The media whirlwind has ensued, and the doubts have been placed, especially by Lebron who clearly believes that he cant win a NBA championship with the Vaughn native.

With all these questions placed on Wiggins there seems to be only one thing he needs to remember.

It was those faithful words he said on the day he got drafted in June where he laid it out plain and simple, “I have to believe in myself before anyone else can.”

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