18-Month Baby Hitting Jumpers in Diapers!

Basketball parents typically like to introduce the game early to their children.

In the case of Canadian PRO basketball player Corey Muirhead, his 18-month son is getting shots up extra early…literally in his diapers.

Young Ayden Muirhead hits back-to-back shots (with a football) in the following video.

Corey Muirhead, is a former NCAA player at Western Carolina, who has played professional basketball around Europe in countries including Austria, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

A former Toronto basketball star at Milliken Mills, he has been in the Czech Republic since 2009, and currently plays for Pardubice.

Don’t look now, but the Canadian class of 2031 could have young Ayden Muirhead in the mix.

It’s in the genes!

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